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FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am PST
eporter: former president bill clinton deliberately picked fights with far-left liberals to cast himself and the party as more mainstream. both parties face this. listen to a warning for his own party, democrats, from indiana u.s. senator even bye. >> i do think you're going to see a more activist, liberal wig of the democratic party, and you may see them playing the same role in democratic primary contests that the tea party has played on the republican side where you have anti-establishment, more ideologically pure, for lack of a better word, candidates running which then lead to less electable nominees. >> reporter: so centrists are warning the liberal progressives to be careful, and they're firing back today ought to just shut up. the gop's been wrestling with a lot of this sort of thing, and now on the eve of 2014, another midterm, it's clear democrats are going to be facing the same sort of attention and tension with their extreme left. jenna: interesting story, carl. we have more on it now, thank you. jon: let's talk about this growing rift within the democratic party, at
FOX News
Dec 10, 2013 8:00am PST
at the white house. former chief of staff to bill clinton, john podesta, is joining the administration as a counselor, we're told. it's widely seen as a respected washington veteran coming in to clean up after the badly-botched obamacare rollout. current chief of staff dennis mcdonough pushing for the new addition as the white house faces even more personnel moves in the coming months. so what's going on? joining us now, ellison barber, a writer with the washington freebie con. always kind of interesting to me whenever somebody who was identified closely with the clinton administration comes into the obama white house. >> it really is interesting, and you said he is very well connected, he's a very good strategist and very well respected throughout d.c. i think it's pretty obvious that the obama administration realizes they've had some big problems in the rollout, and they need someone to help them clean up shop, and this seems to be an effort at doing that. jon: mr. podesta will help mr. mcdonough on matters related to the health care law. that could be a full-time job.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2